Mittwoch, 19. August 2009

Taking a bath, Rust and Dust

Over the last few days I slowly added details to most characters.
First is Stalin, now ready to take the first bath in a bronw dipping.

Next was Haking, the little mascott

Pompous little prat :)

Then mek Bikwrench was ready for the dipping.

notice the tattoo "MOM" - Masta o' Meks"

Assistant gunner (who's elevating the launcher)

Then I started adding damage to the vehicle

Then I experimened with pastels as pigments for rust and dust
Nice and dirty

Driving through teh Dencara desert creates quite some dust
I wonder if there's a car wash big enough for it :)

And I worked on the launching bombs exhaust flames

I think this will look nice in the final position


Dutchmaan after his second bath in brown

And Ramboo

That's it :)
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