Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

More on Stalin and the Orkan

Another line-up shot of the crew.

I worked some more on the sculpt of Stalinz coat

Still pretty WIP and needs a lot of detailing

I will connect the holes with some more putty, making git look like stitches

The left side should pad (epaulette?) is also still to be done

Then I worked more on the Kazuchaah, adding some railing

Details and rivets in the rear

The left side

And the front

Also the main deck received some more plates and a lot of rivets.

The crew in position

Da bombs

ready to launch

and bomb 1 taking off

I will try to make some smoke with batting for the starting bomb

Before I went to bed I started to cut some glyphs

And here's an Intelligence Intercept from the Dencara system......

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