Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

Rusty base, rookits, and camoflage

After several washes and a thinned coat of Tin Biz the Kazuchaah looks really promising.

A nice rusty base.

And another drybrush of Boltgun Metal makes it look quite proppa!

In the meantime also the bombs received several coats of wash and drybrushes of Blood Red. Then some highlighting of the details...
Now I need to do the interiors, the exhausts, the details...and then I can do the weathering...

While the vehicle and the bombs were drying, I suffad with the boyz camoflage patterns.

It is still very light, as the whole character will receive several rounds of dipping when I'm done with the skin.

But I think this will look quite nice

and is easy enough for all the of crew members

Kinda like the German Flecktarn pattern...

Then the vehicle got some first spots of color

Looks Dead 'ard wun!

Oh, yes, I promised some more of Stalin....

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