Dienstag, 4. August 2009

Rivets, characters, and changed plans.

Wow, I can tell you one thing: working with Orks makes a mess of your desk :)
Since I'm constantly searching through my plasticard pile and bits box, everything is cluttered and messy.

Anyhow, I spent two days riveting.

All four bombs now have rivets.

Another gazillion of rivets were placed on the launch platform.

In addition I placed an operator for the elevation mechanism :)

Then I got carried away again, and built a vehicle for the organ:

Its a big crawler like vehicle with tracks

Looks Orky enough?

and with the launch platform

May I introduce?
The Kazuchaa

And I started to add more characters.
Here is the Mek

working on the engine

which is placed at the rear of the vehicle

and another look at the forward section

Next is the engine telegraph and its operator (some may recon this item as originally produced for the ZEUS)

next is the navigator at the "wheel"
The organist, operating the launcher
And the captain....
as you can see I had a major change of plans here.
I wasn't able to finish the body in a satisfactory manner, so I decided to use the body of the "Black Reach" boss together with my sculpted head.

I think it is a decent start, with the custom gun. I will try to add a longcoat, similar to what Ursarkar Creed wears, draped over his shoulders.
hopefully this will be last major item to really add.
I still have to do some detailing on the vehicle, like railings ect before I can start painting....
and the deadline is approaching very fast :(

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