Montag, 20. Juli 2009

Stalinz Orkan

Stalinz Orkan?
Whus dad?
Well, Stalinz Orkan will be my Ork version of "Stalins Organ" or "Stalinorgel" aka the BM-13 "Katyusha".

Actually the whole project will be for a new contest at Work in Progress:
"The Summer of Shelling" and artillery challenge -

Since my Imperial Guard is heavily involved in the building of the ZEUS super-heavy tank and the ATHENA airship, I decided to enter this challenge with my Stachelnschweinz Ork Clan.
This blog will be a secret blog (only email updates to some of my friends), but will serve after the challenge as a WIP and PIP protocol.

So, back to Stalinz Orkan.
In the end it will simply be a overglorified Grot Bomb Launcher, well, Multiple Grot Bomb Launcher, or "throw as many grot bombs at the enemy as possbile". I'm trying to capture a more cartoonish feeling and it will be based on the individual characters of the diorama.

So here is a first idea of the batteries Nob (not sure if I'll really name him Stalin) and his Grot mascott:

He will wear a simple uniform (plus probably a cloak) and his chest will be decorated with countless medals and stuff - soviet style. I'm not sure if he'll get a Stalin mustache, as that would probably cover his teeth.....
More images in my next post.
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