Montag, 20. Juli 2009

Building the characters

As described in my previous post, the diorama will be based on the cartoonish side and will be based on the individual characters.
So I started of with the commander of the artilery battery, the nob (so far without name) and his mascot.
Since I wanted the special pose shown in the previous sketch I couldn't really use a off the shelf nob for this - I also want him to be bigger, yet smaller than a real boss. So with some cutting and pining I created the base for the nob.

Then I started to flesh him out and fill the gaps - wiht my standard IG stormtrooper for scale.

There's still a lot of filling and forming to do, but the basic shape is there.

Next was the face. Again, the standard Nob head seems a bit small, so he will have to be altered. Cutting away the ponytail and an ear, I prepped the head.

Then I "jack-palance'ed" him, by giving him a strong chin, large jaws and some extra cheekbones - together with the tiny nose, he reminds me of Jack Palance *grin*
As you can see, his left ear is missing - and will remain so.

After the ear- and noserings I started to add the base for a cap.

It will be one of those large soviet style ones.

While the Pro-Sculpt cured I started woking on the Grot masot.
Basically he'll be in a conquerers pose on a Space Marine helmet. He's a compelte scratch sculpt.

Again, time to cure, so i returned to the Nob.
I added an Ork skull dekoration and the top of the cap.

I think it looks just right.

It will get some more decoration and details, but I think it looks great.

While these pieces cured, I contuniued on the Grot.
As you can see, his grand pose will be acompanied by a grand uniform, with epaulettes and stuff.

I only worked on the right side, as there we some small items on the left still curing.

But I think this is a decent start.
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