Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

More Sculpting

I continued sculping the big boy.
Added a decoration rim around the cap and modified the upper lip.

He looks more aggressive this way.

Also I added a skull decoration to the top of the cap.

Really Orkish ugly :)

Than I continued on little boy.
I added the pants and jacket for the right side, plus some deatils, like a skull emblem on the chest, some more cords and a belt thingie.

On the rear there's still some cleanup to to.

But the pose is really what I wanted.

Then I worked on the body of the big boy, and started with the neck and left arm. Eventhough he will wear a uniform, I think I will leave the arms exposed (I have yet to see an Ork with a long sleve uniform).

I'm statisfied with the skulpting of the arm (eventhough he still needs some cleanup), but from the proportions it is now clear, that I have to make the legs longer.

But I will do that once the torso is completed.

Here's a mockup of the head and torso - not quite the final position, but you get the idea.

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